Coffee expertise since 1998.
We are a family-owned premium coffee roasting company. In 1998, our CEO and founder Alexander lived in Italy and got inspired by the culture of Espresso. He decided to build the first Georgian brand which imported premium Italian coffee. Since then, Alexander has been featured in magazines like Forbes Georgia, and Entrepreneur.
Why are we called Mondo?
Mondo means ‘world’ in Italian. Our family built this company after traveling the world and exploring different coffee cultures. We are now sharing our experiences with you. Our premium coffee is the product of a worldwide effort. We import the best beans from countries like Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Then we roast them in our factory in Georgia and export to Europe, Asia, and the USA.
A fusion of traditions and technology.
We commit to making coffee according to local traditions. We also believe in technology and use modern Italian and Japanese technologies for coffee roasting, mixing, cleaning, grinding and packaging. Mondo is a distinguished member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the International Coffee Organization (ICO). We have also implemented ISO22000, HACCP, Kosher and FDA standards in terms of food safety and security.

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